Pregnancy weight

Understanding weight gain in pregnancy

Understanding weight gain in pregnancy

Are you worried about gaining too much weight during pregnancy? Some pregnant persons are concerned about how much weight they should gain in order to have a healthy pregnancy.

There are many misconceptions about how much weight is normal or necessary to gain during pregnancy.

It’s normal to gain weight during pregnancy, but excessive weight gain can create health risks. The recommended optimal range of weight gain is between 25 – 35 lbs for an average person.

In addition, many parents worry about regaining their pre-pregnancy body shape after delivery.

To put things into perspective, here is the breakdown of the weight gained during pregnancy. According to Health Canada,
6 – 7 lbs are the breasts and energy store
2 – 3 lbs: the uterus
7 – 8 lbs: the baby
7 – 8 lbs: extra fluid, blood, and protein
2 – 3 lbs: the placenta
2 – 3 lbs: amniotic fluid

Now you know where your pregnancy weight goes, it is not necessary to go on a diet while pregnant, and you WILL lose the extra weight after the baby is born.

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